Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Defra Noise Research Reports

Summarised below are links to a suite of noise research reports recently issued by Defra.

 January 2016 Reports

1.      Review of SAHSU :

2.      Hypertension Review :

3.      Investigation into the potential for a UK-wide Support Infrastructure for Low Frequency Noise Sufferers:

4.      Focussed Noise Monitoring Study 2013 (2 reports):

5.      Environmental Noise Valuation - the costs and benefits of remediation measures

6.      Effects of EIA on Planning with regard to human health, flora, fauna and the built environment:  

7.      Documenting Production of Round 2 Noise Maps (2 reports): 

8.      Comparison of the impact of using different input parameters between Round 1 and Round 2 noise mapping:

9.      Evidence and Usage of SOAEL, LOAEL, etc.:   

10.     Possible Options for Identification of SOAEL and LOAEL:   

December 2015 Reports

11.     Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA2013):   

12.     Additional Analysis of the NNAS2012 Dataset: