Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cranford Alternation Planning Letter

Please follow the link below to view the

Cranford Alternation Planning Letter, 26/1/2016 

Assessing the Airport Commission report

Please follow the link below to view the "Report by Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth, and Windsor and Maidenhead councils, members of the 2M Group, October 2015".

Assessing the work of the Airports Commission 

Defra Noise Research Reports

Summarised below are links to a suite of noise research reports recently issued by Defra.

 January 2016 Reports

1.      Review of SAHSU :

2.      Hypertension Review :

3.      Investigation into the potential for a UK-wide Support Infrastructure for Low Frequency Noise Sufferers:

4.      Focussed Noise Monitoring Study 2013 (2 reports):

5.      Environmental Noise Valuation - the costs and benefits of remediation measures

6.      Effects of EIA on Planning with regard to human health, flora, fauna and the built environment:  

7.      Documenting Production of Round 2 Noise Maps (2 reports): 

8.      Comparison of the impact of using different input parameters between Round 1 and Round 2 noise mapping:

9.      Evidence and Usage of SOAEL, LOAEL, etc.:   

10.     Possible Options for Identification of SOAEL and LOAEL:   

December 2015 Reports

11.     Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA2013):   

12.     Additional Analysis of the NNAS2012 Dataset: