Sunday, 12 August 2018

CAA Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy Consultation Closes by 10 September 2018

The CAA is consulting on its Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy.

Point 5 of the executive summary states "The strategy sets out the ends, ways and means of modernising airspace. The ends are derived from UK government and relevant international policy and the ways of achieving them include new airspace design, new operational concepts and new technologies. To establish the means of delivering modernised airspace, such as the resources needed, this strategy requires deployment plans be drawn up including, in the future, a macro-level roadmap to be drawn up detailing the interdependent. airspace changes that are deemed necessary and when."

The preamble to the consultation can be found on this link.   Click Here

The strategy can be found on this link:   Click Here

Responses are invited before 10th September 2018

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Proposal for a Third Runway at Heathrow Approved by Parliament

On 25th June 2018, the UK Parliament voted to approve the "Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England" as presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 9(8) of the Planning Act 2008.

The document outlines Government policy relating to airport expansion in the south east of England with a third runway at Heathrow being its favoured option. 

Opponents of the project have six weeks from the 25th to challenge the scheme in the High Court via judicial review.

It is up to  Heathrow Airport Limited (or a third party), to apply for a development consent order for the project to proceed, depending on the result of any court proceedings.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021 with the runway opening in 2026.

The policy document can be found here 

Further information on the planning process can be found here

Saturday, 3 March 2018

LAANC Appreciation of Gerry Ceaser and temporary Administration arrangements

LAANC Appreciation of Gerry Ceaser, February 2018

It is with great regret and sadness that we inform Members and others that LAANC Vice President Gerry Ceaser unexpectedly died over the weekend of 24th / 25th February after a short illness. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his wife Zandra who shared the LAANC Administrator role with Gerry and before that had served LAANC as its Secretary. 

Gerry was truly Mr LAANC as he actively served in leading roles guiding LAANC for over 20 years, many as its Chairman and thereafter as its Co-Administrator. LAANC is deeply indebted to Gerry and Zandra.

Gerry’s early years on LAANC coincided with his Leadership of Spelthorne Borough Council, being its Mayor and honoured as a Freeman of that Borough, which helped us to appreciate Spelthorne Council Offices as the host location of our meetings.  His knowledge of aviation activity and perceptive mind will be sorely missed in our meetings and others such as the Heathrow Community Noise Forum, Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee and its Steering Group.

Colin Stanbury, the LAANC Director, has kindly offered to handle Administrative matters and contacts on a temporary basis until new arrangements are agreed. He can be contacted via or on 07778 284309.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Recent Aviation Consultations

The Government has recently announced 3 key consultations each of which contain proposals which have potential impact on all communities across London as well as those located west of the M25 and Surrey. Each of the consultations makes reference to numerous supporting documents and studies including the publication (in part only) of the SoNA 14 - Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014.

The Consultations concern: 

  • Night Flights from Heathrow
  • Draft National Aviation Policy Statement (NPS)
  • Proposals for Airspace Modernisation
Full LAANC Advice Notes on these topics can be found on the LAANC Heathrow website here.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

LAANC Notes re Meeting Changes

Please note that the Meetings of the Executive on 4th November and the Council on 9th December have both been cancelled and will be replaced by a Council Meeting at 10 am on Thursday 17th November at the same venue.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

LAANC Response to CAA Consultation, CAP 1389

Please follow this link to view LAANC's detailed on-line response to the CAA Consultation on proposals for a revised airspace change process, CAP 1389.

"The purpose of this consultation is for the CAA to learn your views on some changes we are considering making to our airspace change decision-making process. Our objective is to optimise our process to ensure that all stakeholders are adequately consulted as part of a transparent, proportionate process. The process should be impartial and evidence based, and should take proper account of the needs and interests of all affected stakeholders." CAA, March 2016