Friday, 9 January 2015


Creating up to 70,800 homes if Heathrow expansion plans go ahead would cause "absolute turmoil", a Windsor councillor has said.

The Airports Commission is considering the option of a third runway
north-west of Heathrow, nearer to Windsor

Malcolm Beer made his comments ahead of a Windsor council aviation forum later.

He said a third runway north-west of the airport could create the need to use greenbelt land for housing.

A Heathrow spokesman said: "There will be little or no need for additional house-building over and above current local authority plans."

'Commercial greed gone mad'

The housing concern comes after a recent report by the Airport Commission, which stated the Heathrow expansion would create between 47,400 and 112,400 jobs by 2030, which in turn would require an extra 29,800 to 70,800 homes to be created in the surrounding area, including Windsor, Slough and London boroughs.

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