Monday, 27 October 2014


Precision navigation (PRNAV) is now fitted to all new aircraft and is precise up to heights of 4000ft, it is more fuel efficient, direct and more precise in the 3km wide take off swathes. This will enable an increase in take offs at some airports. Respite within the swathe will be varied with aircraft being directed to a more definitive  position within the swathe. This may well increase respite for some and be less for others.  
Precision Navigation
Trials of PRNAV prove increased departures are possible and with aircraft following a more precise line will allow more frequent take offs. There has been adverse response from previously non affected areas at both ends of Heathrow Airport. Teddington has been badly affected by the trials on easterlies and Ascot / Sunningdale / Bracknell / Englefield Green on westerlies, generating many complaints from residents not previously affected by aircraft noise. LAANC is trying to ascertain what is to be done following the trial before it is imposed on communities outside the 57db contour. Trials are being run by NATS, but PRNAV is being driven by the European aircraft control service.